Australian Style Italia

You have to check this car out in  Gallery 11 in the photos section. I have requested that David send me the story about this car and himself. In the interim you can marvel at the photos of this right hand drive Italia with a V12 engine, unbelievable!

Here is a letter I got from David in Australia.


I got it from an Australian guy who bought a number of cars (I think one was a 101 Alfa spider and/or a Nash Healey ) from somebody (I thought, maybe, in Texas) who made him take the Italia remains as part of the deal!

I have no idea about the serial number, bear in mind that all I was wanting was to use big chunks from the body so as to get things such as the door-shuts, roof and glass-apertures. The wheel-arches, fenders, trunk, hood, scuttle, nose, tail, underbody front and rear, sills, (etc.) don't come from the Italia. Nor does the chassis, interior, engine compartment, firewalls or trunk space. I didn't use a single piece of Italia mechanicals.

It may even be that the serial number was missing because the body-shell (as I got it) was mostly made out of newspapers dipped in resin, from about the wheel-arches down. To help with the ID, It did have a Chrysler industrial engine and white-wall cross-plies. It was white, had no grill, bumpers windshield or windshield trim.

About the best this can tell you, is what has become of one of the cars.


It would appear that David has a very early car as it was equipped with a Chrysler engine.


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