# IT301





Now we provide you with an opportunity that will allow you to more easily fill your car with fuel. Rather than the license plate folding down and interfering with the fuel nozzle this assembly flips to the side with no interference with the gas hose. The part is hinged on one side and held in place with a magnet of the proper strength to hold the door in place. Holes were placed in the parts for mounting using my 1973 as a guide. I cannot guarantee that the factory always drilled the holes in the same place on every car. The unit is painted black. You may wish to chose one of the license plate covers that we also offer for a more finished look. They are available in different colors. The unit was built to hold the plate to the body as close as possible and not interfere with the gas cap. That distance could vary depending on the style of gas cap on your car.  Photo with license plate shows optional plate cover in black. Other colors available.

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