Ed Brown's former Italia

I was standing with the owner (and friend) of the 1971 Intermeccanica Italia on the Friday night RM auction in Monterey as it drove onto the block. I was nervous for the owner as he had spent a great deal of money and time (three years) on the car restoring it and it was being auctioned with no reserve. The bidding started at 40 thousand and marched to 100 thousand and above in a steady stream ending at 130 thousand or $143,000.00 with buyer’s premium. This is a new world record price for an Italia sale to my knowledge. In the late 80’s two were sold in the 80-90 range I have been told.

I turned to the owner and congratulated him on the sale and stated that it would be interesting what Sports Car Market would have to say about the sale. As it turned out you said nothing about the sale that I could find in the issue covering the RM auction at Monterey. I have always found it interesting that Sports Car Market seems to down play the car and its value. I think in the price guide you list a convertible in the 25-35 range even thought nice cars have traded hands in the fifty thousand and above range for some time now. It would seem that when a nice car does sell for more money you suggest that it’s some kind of anomaly.

As I well know Italia’s can be very difficult cars to restore if they are made into fully sorted and functioning cars. The silver car that sold at RM I believe to be the first nut and bolt restoration Italia that has ever been sold. Yes there have been other fresh paint, interior, and other cosmetically restored Italia’s that have sold before. This is the first ever deep down restoration that has been for sale.

In conclusion it would seem that you grind away listing the same types of cars that have sold over and over but when something different comes along there is not even a mention of it. So what’s the deal, Keith doesn’t like Intermeccanica cars? John Fortney

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