Original Owner Italia

  Hello, John: Thought you might enjoy the little story and the current photos of my Italia. Looking forward to getting the new driver's side window from you. I am mailing the pattern to you this afternoon.


Greetings, Friends: You may know that while Emma and I were looking for another car, we came across a Mercedes dealer in Fort Worth, TX who had 6 Intermeccanica Italia's for sale. The dealer thought he was going to be a distributor for the car. However, he found out the six he had were all he was going to get since the production of the cars was very low. When we asked about buying one, we were told if you bought one it was yours, no warranty, no bringing it back for anything you found wrong. However, since the car had an all Ford drive train, we decided to go ahead and by one. We got an orange convertible. We took a trip for Dallas to San Diego, then up the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco in it. What a wonderful trip with my beautiful Emma. Anyway, for the last 5 years I have been trying to get it restored. My advice, NEVER DO THIS!!!!!! However, once started, hard to stop. I got it home yesterday, still with many things to get tweaked, but at least drivable, so I am driving it a little. A good friend who lives down the block from me stopped and took these pictures and sent them to me. When I picked it up yesterday, I stopped to get gas about two blocks from the ship. It immediately started pouring rain, lighting and thunder. Waited it out and drove home. Let me know what you think. Princess & Vic

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