1967 Omega

I contacted you all a few months back but got sidetracked on some customer projects. Here is my car, almost done. I am ready to get it finished, soon. We fabricated the hood, cut out a small amount of rust on the rockers, fabricated new ones and butt welded and leaded them in. The car has never been wrecked. 289 with 4 speed toploader. The paint is 10 years old and still stunning. (Glasurit single stage when it was still great paint) the car was orginally a pastel blue that was awful. It is on the trailer as I just had a new front end custom fabricated and installed along with Mustang brakes to get rid of all the junky parts, and be able to stop reliably at speed. Other than the suspension this car has not been modified in any way, and we tried to put everything back the way it came. Everything has been rebuilt, including the wheels.  


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