Serial number 22 Omega-Italia

Hello, Folks:

Here are some post-clean up photos of the Italia/Omega I talked to all of you about recently. Tim confirmed that the VIN indicates it is #22 of theHolman Moody cars. I spent about 3 days on the car last week and found it to be better shape than I expected; however, (i) the engine does not appear to be a Hi-Po 289; (ii) the wiring needs some attention, and (iii) not surprisingly, the front suspension bushings are worn out. Someone undercoated the car pretty thoroughly, which seems to have preserved the car well. Nonetheless, there is rust in the lower right rear quarter/trunk area. Also, there is a brace that runs between the rocker and the frame on the left side that is rusted through. Otherwise, it is structurally in pretty good shape. The rear suspension is unlike anything I've ever seen and there are several unused brackets and attachment points welded in odd spots. The paint is single stage and very thick (probably Imron). It's is cracked in several area and looks better in these photos than it does in person. I had new carpet, a headliner and weather stripping for the door openings installed and the guy did a great job. The seats, stearing wheel and guages are nice. I'm not going to have the time or facilities to restore the car for awhile and will probably market it for sale soon. I'd like your opinions on the cars value, if anyone cares to venture a guess. Thanks, Aaron Moore  

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